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Alien Isolation Gets First Patch – Fixes Stuttering Cut-Scenes

Alien Isolation has finally got its first patch post-release, albeit for the PS4 and X-Box One versions. Patch 1.1 fixes the long-running problem of choppy cut-scenes that has been plaguing the consoles and to a lesser extent PC since release. According to developer Creative Assembly, this was caused by a difference between the retail units and the machines the game was tested on,

The patch went live yesterday but unfortunately, there are multiple reports that the PS4 patch is causing all sorts of issues from frequent game crashes to your saved games being corrupted. I would advise holding off updating. Creative Assembly have acknowledged the problem and are working on it.

Meanwhile, Creative Assembly states that they are still working on patches to fix a myriad of other bugs in the game: “We are working on bringing an update to fix a number of other in-game issues and will announce distribution dates as soon as possible.” Thanks to ikarop for the tip.

Update: They’ve removed the PS4 patch now and are going to reissue it. It was causing issues with Mission 5 in the game.

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