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Alien Isolation: PC vs Console Performance

isolation Alien Isolation: PC vs Console PerformanceThe guys over at Eurogamer have published an interesting article testing the performance of Alien Isolation across all platforms to see how they compare with each other. The article goes very in-depth about various graphical issues and framerates but here’s the main points:

  • PC is the best platform for Alien Isolation but only just. The graphics are only slightly better on PC than next-gen consoles but it can reach 1080p 60fps on a wider range of configurations.
  • PS4 is better than X-Box One due to a more consistent framerate and lack of screen tearing.
  • Both next-gen consoles are running at 1080p 30fps though the article claims the PS4 would have easily being able to get to 60fps..
  • Cut-scenes – A low framerate and poor performance during cut-scenes is affecting all platforms though the PC is capped at 30fps, the consoles dip in the low 20s. According to the article, it’s caused by the game loading data in the background which causes skipped frames and noticeable judder.
  • PS3 & X-Box 360 – Both platforms are running at sub-720p and while the environments are well done, they suffer from jagged edges. Textures, lighting and effects are scaled back on last-gen consoles. The PS3 is the worst-affected having lower-resolution textures and more noticeable jagged edges. Both platforms suffer heavy framerate drops from the 30fps target and screen tearing is an issue. The game does require installation on both consoles as the game streams data from both the disc and the hard drive at the same time.

So there you go. PC, PS4 and X-Box One are generally on par with each other graphically but the PS3 seems to be the worst platform to play the game on. We do have some sort of explanation for the cut-scenes issue that seems to be plaguing everybody and I imagine the next patch will definitely address it.

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