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New Alien: Isolation Concept Art Released

A collection of over 40 concept art images by Alien: Isolation’s artist, Bradley Wright, have now been uploaded online. You can check the full batch at the artist’s portfolio here or see some below. Some of these images reveal key moments from the game so be aware of spoilers.

Planet (Brad Wright) Planet
Sevastapol (Brad Wright) Sevastapol
Shopping Centre Memorial Wall (Brad Wright) Shopping Centre Memorial Wall
Doorway (Brad Wright) Doorway
Magnetic Train Layout (Brad Wright) Magnetic Train Layout
 (Brad Wright)
Android R&D Lab (Brad Wright) Android R&D Lab
Shop (Brad Wright) Shop
Xenomorph Concept (Brad Wright) Xenomorph Concept
Anesidora Interior Bridge (Brad Wright) Anesidora Interior Bridge


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  1. ikarop
    Few more pieces have been uploaded by the artist:
  2. ikarop
    Some more concept art:


    Quote from: SM on Oct 08, 2014, 06:14:49 AM
    Missed the spoiler warning.
    I made it bold now. Sorry you got spoiled!
  3. MrSpaceJockey
    Aw man.  :)  This is the kind of stuff I get off on.

    Interesting how the Anesidora harkens back to the Prometheus in terms of the low-placed bridge, undercarriage ramp, and how its name takes inspiration from Greek mythology.  And it is involved in Alien Isolation's own "prequel story" if you will.

    I like how it totally borrows from an older Ron Cobb Nostromo work.

    What a damn good looking game.
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