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First Look at The Art of Alien: Isolation

A video preview of The Art of Alien Isolation (mini version) has recently been uploaded onto Youtube. It shows unseen character, weapon and environment art from Alien: Isolation so watch out for potential spoilers. The standard version of the artbook can currently be pre-ordered from Amazon for $25.63/£20.39. A limited edition can also be purchased for £45.00

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  1. anesidora
    I bought my copy a few days ago and loved it! I was a tad disappointed that the introduction mentioned that it's only a "small portion" of the artwork and concept art from the CA studio. That being said, an artbook with over 300 pages is still a fantastic read.

    In my opinion, It should've included more concept art for the characters. 
  2. ikarop
    Actually I just noticed it says something among the lines "The images from this book are extracted from The Art of Alien: Isolation, available at Titan Books".

    Kinda weird since the mini book also says The Art of Alien Isolation on the cover but I guess it could be just a small extract indeed and not just an scaled down version.
  3. ikarop
    I think so but the cover for both is the exact same and it hasn't been stated that they are different afaik. It's usually just an scaled down version of the same thing with these pre-order exclusives.
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