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Alien Isolation Day One Patch Notes

isolation Alien Isolation Day One Patch NotesIt appears when you get Alien Isolation next Tuesday, you will also need to download a day one patch for it. The patch notes below were leaked online but the page has since been removed. It reportedly fixes various bugs in the singleplayer campaign. For those worried about the lip-sync issues you may have seen in the gameplay videos, rest assured – that has been fixed. I can also confirm that the patch for the PS3 version weighs in at 401MB.

    There are one or two areas in the game where our QA department has noticed that an unusual combination of events may cause an area previously visited in the station to become inaccessible, or for a player to become trapped. This could only happen if exploring back to the beginning of the game to recover previously inaccessible items as a completionist and should not happen while progressing forward through the main game narrative.
    There are a few known issues of scripting bugs, producing a small chance that an NPC may not trigger their lines. A result of this is that progress can sometimes be halted.
    There is a small chance that the objective marker may point at an incorrect objective location, showing the wrong route.
    There are a few audio bugs which have been found which cause issues with NPC dialogue not appearing, being incorrect or having the wrong subtitles. Related to NPCs, there are also a couple of instances of broken lip-syncing.
    We have also found and noted an instance or two where the mini-games (hacking, rewiring, etc.) have incorrect controls displayed or buttons not working as they should. There also a few occasions where on-screen prompts -such as to search objects or open doors – have remained on-screen
    In a couple of places, we have seen the NPCs and Alien losing correct path-finding. This can result in clipping through, or becoming stuck on the geometry within the level. Similarly, during encounters with androids, a struggle may result in the player becoming pushed back into the geometry, with the potential to become stuck.
    There are a couple known issues where the player being killed from a locker can cause the motion tracker to function incorrectly or disappear.

Thanks to Seegson for the news.

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