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Inside the Alien vs Predator Halloween Maze

The Halloween Horror Nights event featuring an Alien vs Predator attraction is now under way at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida and Hollywood, California. The funhouse in Hollywood is based around AvP Requiem with a crashed Predator spaceship in a small suburban town and Orlando features a Weyland-Yutani laboratory. Some fans have been posting videos of the funhouse on YouTube. At first I preferred the Orlando funhouse as it was very similar to James Cameron’s Aliens but the Predator ship and Queen actually look pretty good in the Hollywood attraction.



The event will run until November 1st. Check out the official Halloween Horror Nights site for ticket information. Let us know in the comments if you went there and what you thought of the attraction.

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  1. Samus007
    Me and a few friends went to Universal Orlando last week on a thursday night to see the AvP experience. I have to say, it was pretty awesome. It was the first thing we went to when the gates opened at 6:30 and waited about 35 mins to get into the attraction. I loved it, every bit of it. Seeing it on youtube does not do this thing justice, it was very authentic, and for a halloween house, a 10/10. Of course given that I am 37 and dont really scare all that easy it wasnt scary to me but rather "oooh look at the detail" "Oh wow Predator looks so lifelike" things like that. But, lots of girls were screaming and jumped a few times. It was about as realistic as an attaction could get. My only complain would be that I wish instead of going thru it in a long line, it was done where you can go through it in small groups, to get a better overall experience. O well.

    At one point the wait times for AvP were longer than the walking dead. Over 2 hours! So if you are wanting to see AvP be sure to do that FIRST. The lines grow fast and will exceed 90 to 120 minutes very quickly. Also, if you plan on going be prepared to be checked at the gate like you are at an airport. They scan you, pat you down, make you take every little thing out of your pockets, etc. plus massive police presence is there. Which I dont really mind because I felt pretty safe thats for sure.

    Oh, and bring $22.00 with you for a really sweet exclusive AvP shirt you can get in the main shop there. I am at work and can't take a pic of mine, but this image attached is the shirt that is for sale there. On the back it has a "Halloween Horror Nights 2014" logo by the neck.
  2. PVTDukeMorrison
    Well its official, I'll be heading to Florida on the 17th for a few days with my buddy so he can see some youtube gym guy on the 18th in Miami, then we'll drive down to a hotel in Orlando and go to Universal on the 19th. i'll be sure to post pics as well as my thoughts on the maze (and the others too)
  3. mythology
    i went to the orlando avp one.

    the 1080p video still is not clear enough to show the little details or to convey the feeling you get when walking into that. plus the video recorder guy is speeding up the pace a little of walking through it with jumps if you look.

    As shown you walk towards a truck and what looks like a avp video game building. a pred red targeting laser goes back and forth over the truck. Nothing but glee shoots through you as you walk into the tunnel. smoke machines and flashing lights as if you had stepped into your avp game for real. If you look, as you enter the room with the predator on the table there is a monitor showing everyone walking by in predator vision heat vision mode. a small detail that is entertaining to dance in-front of if you like.

    Going in i didn't expect much from the humans, but those marines and personal did a great job. The predators (guys in suits) are tall like they should be and not cheesy. At the end they make ya duck down to walk down a avp air duct briefly where there is 1 alien you cannot back away from. The alien was no different than the other aliens but i think it was the only scary one because you had to get close to it. As a fan your probably not going to be scared of an alien or a predator, but those humans gave me a few jump scares because your not expecting them.
  4. Doggo33
    I haven't been to either, but from that I'd probably say I preferred the Hollywood one. Mainly because a couple of the facehugger effects in the Orlando one are obvious, as effects. The Orlando one seems significantly shorter as well. That may just be to do with the speed at which both people were walking, but I'd say not. Also, I love the Queen of the Hollywood one.
    However, I love the use of real people in the Orlando one. The marines are very cool.
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