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Xtreme Gaming: Alien Isolation Night

We recently received an email from Xtreme Gaming who have informed us they will be running a special Alien Isolation night for those of us in the UK:

“Monday 6th of October 8pm you are invited to the Odeon cinema Colchester, guests will first be shown a special screening of Ridley Scott’s Alien before they themselves are pitted against the fearsome Alien in Alien Isolation.

All of this will play out on the Odeon’s giant screen in full surround sound –  this will be an experience not to be missed. Not only that but thanks to our friends at Mad Catz we will have some spectacular prizes to be one by those brave enough to make it through the night.

But because Mad Catz are awesome we will also have social media prizes for our friends over the water in the US! I mean why be scared on our own right?”

For those of you who are interested, the tickets are £20 and the event takes place on the 6th of October. You can find out more at the Xtreme Gaming event page.

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  1. Corporal Hicks
    It's about a 3/4 hour drive from me. I'd go but it's a late one and the last time I went to a late event with a 3 hour drive back I kept dozing off on the motorway so I've made it a rule to avoid them now.

    Shame - it sounds like lots of fun. Have fun, ADC! Didn't think you were particularly into gaming.
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