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A behind-the-scenes look at Alien: Isolation’s “Improvise” Trailer

Concept designer and illustrator, Maciej Kuciara, has recently posted a collection of concept art from his work for Creative Assembly’s recent “Improvise” CGI trailer for Alien: Isolation, including unused key frames from the cinematic. You can check all the images at the artist’s website here or below.

alien_top A behind-the-scenes look at Alien: Isolation's

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  1. MrSpaceJockey
    zomg she nekkid lol


    Some really nice stuff - but to be fair, some of it could've been traced from Alien stills.

    The airducts part had thing one particular shot that looked exactly like one of the shots of Dallas in the airduct.  I like how they also included a hint of the low rumbling instrument-I-cannot-name that played during the scene Dallas hunts for the Alien.
  2. saintssinphony
    I don't know if the art department would be willing but if they made another alien movie they should hire the Isolation guys to design sets and props.  A:CM did try and copy Hadley's Hope but it was like a generic map any shooter has.  This stuff for Isolation is just amazingly detailed and so well designed. It just feels right.   

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