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BBC News Interviews Sigourney Weaver

BBC News has recently interviewed Sigourney Weaver about her involvement in Alien: Isolation. The Alien actress comments on why she decided to join the project as well as on where she thinks videogames might be headed. The interview also includes new footage from the game’s pre-order DLC, Last Survivor and Crew Expendable. Be sure to watch it below or at the source.

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  1. The Eighth Passenger
    Not sure about the line from Brett.  The DLC is supposed to start after he dies.

    That's what they said in the official press release. But then why bother creating a detailed game model of Brett as well as hiring the original actor just for a few lines in a audio log? Right?
  2. Xenomrph
    I definitely got the impression that Brett's dialogue will be via audio logs. I recall reading somewhere that John Hurt is lending his voice for Kane, too, and his character is definitely dead by the time the DLC takes place. :P
  3. MH-875
    I was late to this anyway.  It seems it was well known Kane's Son would have the digitigrade legs since early July?  I wasn't paying attention.

    Strange to have a voice actor for an already dead character unless flashbacks or personal logs are what they're going for.  The latter, with the addition of liberal static, might help cover up the fact that Stanton's voice has seen much better days (Skerritt and Weaver sound like they haven't aged a day). Could be I'm underestimating CA's sound engineer though. 

    And as you (I think) said, SM, it's unfair to judge a work from a peek given when it is still in progress.
  4. MH-875
    There are those elongated metatarsals.  I guess that falls under the "If it wasn't onscreen (much) we can change it" clause.

    Interesting line from Harry Dean Stanton.  It suggests Brett can end up as a survivor.
  5. USG Ishimura
    I agree, if they change things too much like we saw on A:CM with the Colony and Sulaco for me it'll be disappointing. I am interested in seeing what they do with the parts of the ship we don't see.

    I'd like to know if we get to explore as much of the Nostromo in the 2nd DLC as the 1st DLC and if we are able to go down to the undercarriage room and see Dallas & Brett strung up in the cocoons.
  6. SM
    I think you need to, to a degree (seeing as how the A Deck set was completely self contained with the only access to the rest of the ship via ladder and no sleeping quarters or bathrooms).  And there's plenty of scope to add to what we see in the film.  I get stroppy when they change stuff from the film - like they did with the Sulaco and colony in A:CM, with no apparent reasoning behind it.  I kinda get them changing the Nostromo for A:CM, because the tight corridors probably wouldn't suit a multiplayer game.  Changes for A:I seem less necessary.
  7. Blacklabel
    I think one of the lead designers said exactly that. If it wasnt on screen... it's ok to change it around a bit.

    On top of that, they said that they are changing the layout of the Nostromo interior a bit to provide better gameplay. (More places to hide from the Alien, etc. etc.)
  8. Ash 937
    Textures at 2:56 to 3:08 look like they could come from an Xbox 360 or PS3.  Is this also the first footage that we have of the game on a last-gen system?   Every other piece of footage looks significantly better than that, btw.
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