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  1. Ultramorph
    Spoiler (click to show/hide)

    That sounds pretty plausible. I wonder if

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  2. Xenomrph
    Re-reading the SDCC comic after watching a lot of gameplay footage and stuff, there's some details that are starting to fall into place, and other little details that I think are cleverly-hidden spoilers.

    This is largely speculation, but I'm going to spoiler-tag it anyway.

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  3. ikarop
    Preorder Alien: Isolation and receive a free upgrade to the Nostromo Edition, which includes the bonus content“Crew Expendable”, + an exclusive digital graphic novel. Dark Horse and Alien: Isolation are proud to present these three short tales, set on the station before Amanda Ripley’s arrival. In amidst a panicked, despairing and dwindling population, things are lurking in the dark and something hunts from the shadows as the routine of the station is thrown in to chaos. Discover beautiful art and story-telling in this 24 page novel. This Alien: Isolation comic will never be sold digitally and this is your chance to grab one.
  4. Ultramorph
    Just got around to reading this, and I thought it was a pretty cool teaser for Isolation. I'm looking forward to seeing how the story plays out, and how the Anesidora angle unfolds. From the looks of the Derelict lookalike, I think we might be revisiting LV-426 again, even if just in terms of flashbacks.
  5. Xenomrph
    Well it's people on ebay who went to SDCC, selling the goodie bag, comic book, etc. It's not like you're buying direct from FOX/Sega/Dark Horse/whatever.

    I happened to bid on an auction that had both the bag and the comic, and won for about $10 shipped. There's a bunch of other comparable auctions for similar prices, too. Just do a search for "SDCC Isolation" or something similar and it'll bring up a bunch of stuff.
  6. Xenomrph
    Prices on the comic have plummeted on ebay if people are looking for personal copies - I just got the comic and the Alien: Isolation tote bag for $10 shipped, which is very reasonable in my book. I wish I could have gotten the Sevastopol patch as well, but I don't mind getting that separately.
  7. windebieste
    Nice comic.  It touched on all the important themes we expect from a tie in without tipping too far into spoiler territory.

    Now, will this be reprinted at some point so those of us that didn't go to SDCC can acquire a copy of it without resorting to Ebay? 

    100% with Locusta, here.  Ye olde Bigge Chap looks better in the comic than in the game screenshots we have seen so far. 

  8. PsyKore
    I guess it could go either way. But the thing that tips me off is how Chuck's dialogue of reaching the elevator to intercept the civilian interjects with the scene of the guy lying in a bed facehugged, as if it's happening at the present time.
  9. Xenomrph
    Yeah, I think it might have worked better if the stories were in "chronological" order, although breaking up the Decent Man's story was pretty effective so I kinda understand why it got put in the middle.
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