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Prodos Games Reveals Artwork of AvP Miniatures Game

The guys at Prodos Games have given us another update on how the AvP: The Hunt Begins Miniature Game is coming along. They’ve posted some lovely pictures of the matte-finish box, booklets and cards of the Deluxe Kickstarter Edition of the board game. I must admit it does contain some very premium quality artwork to say this started out as a crowd-funding project. Now, the AvP miniatures game has been delayed a few times this year and it’s still going through the lengthy approval process at 20th Century Fox. The current aim is to get the Deluxe Edition shipped to backers by September and there’ll be a mass-produced version of the board game for retail at some point.

AvP Miniatures Game Prodos Games Prodos Games Reveals Artwork of AvP Miniatures Game

AvP Miniatures Game Prodos Games AvP Miniatures Game Prodos Games
AvP Miniatures Game Prodos Games AvP Miniatures Game Prodos Games
AvP Miniatures Game Prodos Games AvP Miniatures Game Prodos Games
AvP Miniatures Game Prodos Games AvP Miniatures Game Prodos Games
AvP Miniatures Game Prodos Games AvP Miniatures Game Prodos Games
AvP Miniatures Game Prodos Games AvP Miniatures Game Prodos Games
AvP Miniatures Game Prodos Games AvP Miniatures Game Prodos Games
AvP Miniatures Game Prodos Games AvP Miniatures Game Prodos Games

AvP: The War Begins was first announced by Prodos Games in October 2013 and they managed to raise just over £379,000 on Kickstarter. We’ll keep you informed of any developments with this project.

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  1. Corporal Hicks

    I had been intending to post this up on the front page but it doesn't look like they used the proper rules for it. It was a demo event at a local-ish gaming shop. I went to a few Star Trek Attack Wing games last year and I knew the shop had a relationship with Prodos. They've had a few models since before the KS - painted and on display in the windows. Had I known the event was on I would have done but it's a little disappointing they weren't using the proper rules.

    Look at all them Aliens! Looks like a fun day though! I bet that scenario was cool.
  2. [cancerblack]
    Idea for a scenario. Without the wargame rules in hand it's impossible to balance, but with minor tweaking this could probably work for any sci-fi skirmish or wargame rules set.



    Four 5-man groups of unarmed scientists
    Four 5-man squads of WY mercenary riflemen
    One 5-man "death squad" with smartguns
    One 5-man "containment team" with flamethrowers
    Two sentry guns

    Aliens (start):
    One brood of 5 Stalkers
    One brood of 5 adult Warriors
    10x independent Facehuggers

    Aliens (reserves):
    Infant Warriors
    Adult Warriors
    1x Alien Queen


    6'x4' totally covered by corridors and at least five large rooms (laboratories). Multiple levels/stories of terrain are encouraged. Remember that long, straight corridors will become dangerous fire lanes and build accordingly. The labs should be spaced out at least 12" away from one another, if possible.


    The Aliens starting figures are placed in one laboratory, which must be wholly inside one table quarter. One science team and one mercenary rifle team are then placed in each of the other labs. The Death Squad is placed anywhere in the table quarter opposite the Alien deployment zone, and not within 18" of an Alien figure. The human player then nominates which lab contains the Queen, and deploys the containment team in that room. The sentry guns are placed last, anywhere outside the table quarter the Aliens are deployed in.


    It is assumed that the starting Aliens have already killed the former occupants of the lab the are deployed in and have triggered the alarm, putting the facility into lockdown. All doors on the table begin closed. They can only be opened manually by humans (touching the door, no remote access!) and may be torn down as usual by Aliens.

    All human models may move freely once the game starts, they do not have to stay where they are deployed. Additionally, models may split off and become one-model units of their own. These may join or rejoin units by moving into coherency, however no human unit may ever contain more than five models.

    The humans may not kill any Aliens (especially the Queen) that are still secured. They may only attack Aliens that have escaped and are already represented by a model on the table.

    If the human player is feeling especially sinister, he may elect to execute the scientists to prevent the acceleration of the outbreak. Preform a normal shooting attack against the scientist unit. Any survivors will naturally flee if possible, and will now be controlled by the Alien player.

    The Aliens objective is to make it through the other laboratories, releasing more of their kin as they progress and eventually freeing the Queen.
    OBJECTIVE - Free the Queen and escort her to any table edge.

    The humans objective is to stop the outbreak before it reaches critical mass, by any means necessary.
    OBJECTIVE - Destroy all escaped specimens.


    If the Aliens are for any reason alone in a lab (because they've killed everyone in it, or it was abandoned to form a strongpoint elsewhere, for example), all casualties to the starting units are replaced. Additionally the Alien player may deploy one of the following:
    10x Infant Warriors + additional models equal to the number of human casualties inflicted thus far
    5x adult Warriors + additional models equal to half the number of human casualties inflicted thus far (rounding up)

    This rule may only be used once per lab, and does not apply to the lab the Aliens are initially deployed in.

    Playing the scenario:

    The Alien player gets the first turn, representing the sudden nature of the outbreak. The game ends when either the Queen moves into contact with a table edge or there are no Alien figures left on the table.
  3. [cancerblack]
    Hicks said something about making a sub-forum for the game once it's released, so if that's still the plan we can get a WIP thread going and encourage each other to finish stuff/post tips for speeding up processes etc.
  4. Mr. Domino
    I'm simultaneously anticipating and dreading the day all my models arrive. I stay woefully behind on painting (currently working on a bunch of character models from GW's Lord of the Rings range, then back to working on repainting Attack Wing ships, and slowly hacking out my Space Hulk 4E set), and I know full well that as soon as the AVP stuff arrives, every other project is going on hold for quite some time.
  5. [cancerblack]
    Quote from: Prodos Games
    Prodos Games Ltd says:

    We are still striving to start shipping AvP by Salute, we are still waiting on that final approval. Two of three at Fox have signed it off and the third has made it clear that this is his top priority right now. So it might be just after Salute, if this happens we can only apologise for the further delay.

    We invite you to come by and check out our stand at Salute, we will have something special on display. We can't say too much, but it's very exciting indeed!

    We promise more news as we can share it and once again thank you all for your patience.

    Finally, we hope you are all having a great 4 day weekend, celebrating Easter!

    Prodos Games LTD
  6. Corporal Hicks
    From Facebook.

    QuoteHello All.
    A short update...
    We have resubmitted the rules doc for approval, after changing (as requested) the US English to UK English. We have also proofed in-house, picking up a few grammatical issues where they had previously been missed; then finally we have sent to a professional proofing company.
    We are expecting the approval back reasonably quickly, to the extent that we are working to officially launch the product to the wider public at Salute 2015. We expect to get the first batch of KS product out at the same time!
    As always we thank you for your ongoing support and patience as we complete the final mile of this project. We know it's been an unexpectedly long journey and we thank you all for enabling this dream to become a reality. The light at the end of the tunnel is bright and getting bigger by the day.
    We will update again as soon as we have the approval...

    It's nearly time.  ;D

    Here's an interview with Rob Alderman, one of the sales guys.
  7. [cancerblack]
    Quote from: Jarek Everthe team did fantastic work on proofing the rules and our graphic team managed to do all layout corrections as per the license owners request. The written (FINAL) content will be uploaded on Monday following "please review asap" email. We want this game to be available at the Salute 2015, and if we get the green light within 2 weeks time, it will happen (with pick up available at the Salute for backers, if we wont post it before 25th of April 2015).
  8. [cancerblack]
    Well, not to echo the haters too much, but here are some details:

    - I forget who said it, so take these thoughts with a pinch of salt, but Fox is apparently in favour of a simultaneous release for KS and Retail versions.

    - It's not unheard of for items to be sent to stockists early so they can be on the shelf day 1.

    - It's very likely to take the lads a few weeks to send out all the individual packages, in order the pledges were made as opposed to (I assume) distributors sending bulk shipments to retailers.

    - Then a lot of backers will have to wait for international shipping, and I'm not sure about other countries but I'm quite likely going to have to pay import taxes to actually get at my stuff (even if it's split into two waves), which means waiting for customs to inform me they've got my toys too.

    Absolutely nothing against Prodos, it's just that with the challenges involved I can definitely see this happening.

  9. [cancerblack]
    This obviously means that the retail version is coming along nicely too. Unfortunately I can see this going the way of the Mars Attacks! KS where you could get it at retail before pledgers received theirs.
  10. [cancerblack]
    QuoteHappy Days! We have just got final approval for all aspects of the game, with the exception of the rules. The rules are in the final stages and just need to be sent to a professional proofing company. We will continue to update when we can, but it's fair to say that today is a good day. I suspect there will be some celebrating tonight in Prodos Towers!
  11. [cancerblack]
  12. Eldritch_DM
    That's some nice modeling work there Cancerblack. Keep it up. I'm gonna try my hand at something ambitious and attempt to make a flying Queen out of some Tyranid bits and a Swarmlord kit. lol We'll see how it goes.
  13. [cancerblack]
    Quote from: [CANCERBLACK] on Dec 20, 2014, 09:08:42 AM

    More work done:
  14. [cancerblack]
    The evolution of a custom character for what will eventually be a homebrew (and very Lovecraftian) Engineer faction:

  15. Visceral_Mass
    Quote from: Corporal Hicks on Jan 27, 2015, 08:35:57 AM
    I'm having the same problem with the Star Trek Attack Wing community. Wargamers just whinge like bitches, it's so tiresome.

    Where Wizkids is concerned, I tend to expect a lot of bitching.

    For those who haven't seen it Jarek posted the following to a facebook question:

    O.k I have a question, if I have backed the KS campaign and also added pledges through the webstore, will they be sent out with the KS stuff, separately, or with the webstore stuff? And what is the plan with the retail version? Will it have a release date as soon as the pledges are fulfilled? Will it have a later release date once the plastics have been produced? Is it undecided? Can you even say at the moment?

    Jarek Ever: Board game 1st to KS, then retail, the add ons to KS and Retail. When I say KS I mean all pledges from shop + KS website.
  16. [cancerblack]
    Quote from: Corporal Hicks on Jan 26, 2015, 08:37:45 AM
    You know their communication isn't the greatest.   :P

    I'll just be glad to start seeing shipping notices. I'm getting sick of the negativity, impatient and lack of understanding all over my feeds.

    Quoted for truth. This seems to be the usual state of affairs for anything wargaming related unfortunately. At least the vitriol hasn't reached "Games Workshop did something" levels of rage yet.

    I wonder how many of the complainers are 40k expies, actually.
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