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Prodos Games Reveals Artwork of AvP Miniatures Game

The guys at Prodos Games have given us another update on how the AvP: The Hunt Begins Miniature Game is coming along. They’ve posted some lovely pictures of the matte-finish box, booklets and cards of the Deluxe Kickstarter Edition of the board game. I must admit it does contain some very premium quality artwork to say this started out as a crowd-funding project. Now, the AvP miniatures game has been delayed a few times this year and it’s still going through the lengthy approval process at 20th Century Fox. The current aim is to get the Deluxe Edition shipped to backers by September and there’ll be a mass-produced version of the board game for retail at some point.

AvP Miniatures Game Prodos Games Prodos Games Reveals Artwork of AvP Miniatures Game

AvP Miniatures Game Prodos Games
AvP Miniatures Game Prodos Games
AvP Miniatures Game Prodos Games
AvP Miniatures Game Prodos Games
AvP Miniatures Game Prodos Games
AvP Miniatures Game Prodos Games
AvP Miniatures Game Prodos Games
AvP Miniatures Game Prodos Games

AvP: The War Begins was first announced by Prodos Games in October 2013 and they managed to raise just over £379,000 on Kickstarter. We’ll keep you informed of any developments with this project.

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Comments: 22
  1. [cancerblack]
    I take your point, but if I'm being honest, I really only care about the models. The wargame/boardgame is just an added feature to me, and since we've seen massive stacks of boxes with ready-to-ship miniatures in them, it makes waiting for the extras to be finished a lot harder for me.
  2. PRJ_since1990
    I'll take delayed perfection over rushed shit any day, especially with this franchise. We've seen what they've done so far and I'm impressed with the improvements. They give a damn and I'm glad to say that about a company. Lord knows how bad other Alien and Predator stuff has been in the past lol
  3. [cancerblack]
    This is good, because I can now get more than a single squad of marines (I went overboard with the Alien warriors first time around).

    This is also bad, because it's something of an indicator towards yet more delays.

  4. [cancerblack]
    I'm not 100% sure, but there may still be one or two people looking to sell their pledges, Naraku. Other than that, yep, it's the waiting game. I was actually in the same boat as you (unemployment) when the Kickstarter hit, it was only thanks to a very understanding relative that I was able to borrow some cash for this one. Little did I know how much landscaping I'd have to do to pay him back. :D
  5. Badwolf-00
    Damn. I was unemployed at the time the Kickstarter began. Oh well, hopefully the official release won't fall too far behind the time the kickstarter backers start getting their stuff. Waiting for something like this has been a dream come true for a war gamer and alien fan like myself. Until then, I'll just look at everyone elses pretty shinnies. lol  ;D
  6. Badwolf-00
    So is the Kickstarter full and well closed? Or can you still send money to it to get the core box etc?

    I'm afraid I'm gonna have to wait till the regular release.... whenever that will be.  :'(
  7. Hudson
    I haven't been following the updates on this closely at all, I just have a quick question:

    Is this supposed to be like a reall in-depth RPG or is it a tabletop type game that could be seen on, say, Wil Wheaton's Table Top? As in, is this going to be something that could be played with 4-6 people in an hour or two or is it a really involved format?
  8. Arterial Spray
    Though for the anti-social (or perhaps just less confident) types there is a single player version (with some form of 'AI' controlling the xenomorphs) so you can get used to the rules before inviting your friends over to have a go, or heading to a shop/club for a game... It's usually easier to learn new rules with a group though.
  9. Corporal Hicks
    Not usually how it works. Prodos wants to make an AvP game, they pay Fox to use the name/images/etcs. Then they have to finance the rest of the stuff themselves. They're only a small company so they turned to Kickstarter. They did the same with Deadzone. Used Kickstarter to fund that.

    Thankfully I've found 2 nearby places that will be supporting the game. The Grid in Doncaster, Titan Games in Lichfield, if you're interested. I've played Star Trek at both of them and they're nice. The Grid is a much nicer venue though. They're not far from you.
  10. Darkness
    Another update:

    They've posted some pictures of the box and booklets. Supposedly will be shipping September.

    I haven't been following this so I may be out of the loop. I noticed the 20th Century Fox logo on the box. This started out as a fan project? But Fox are now involved in this and I assume they'll be taking a big cut of the money?
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