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John Fasano Dies Age 52

News is currently circulating around the Internet that John Fasano has died, age 52 in his sleep last night. For those who don’t know the name, he was one of the many writers involved in Alien 3. He worked with Vincent Ward on the monks on a wooden planet script:

” Writer, producer and director John Fasano died in his sleep Saturday night. He was 52. Fasano is survived by his wife, Edie; children Lucia and John Cody; and his sister, Felicia Fasano, who is a casting director.”

Our thoughts go out to his family. Thanks to Ash 937 for the news.

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  1. Blacklabel
    Fasano also wrote a significant amount of Tombstone, but only received an "associate producer" credit in the end.

    He wasnt a major talent nor a hack... just another screenwriter trying to make ends meet in hollywood.
  2. Mr. Sin
    I wouldnt quite put the writer of Universal Soldier: The Return on the same stage with those great minds, but, it is a shame he is dead simply because death is tragic, but I will not pretend to mourn a cinematic master, merely a human life.
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