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Alien: Isolation E3 2014 Demo Footage

A preview of the Alien: Isolation demo that Creative Assembly will be presenting at E3 this year has now been revealed via All Access. The previously announced game mode that the studio will be showcasing at the expo has now been revealed as a time based challenge mode, separate from the main game.

Be sure to watch the preview below or download it here in HD:

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Comments: 14
  1. ikarop
    First preview:

    New screenshots in that link as well.
  2. szkoki
    im diggin it so far. looks like an oldschool survivor horror game so far. based on a RE, DC game where u have an invicible boss who always show up and u have to get away from time to time. and this survivor challenge mode or whatever is called its just like mercenaries :P
  3. Randomizer
      One good thing I heard  about Aliens:Isolation  is that the levels aren't going to have just 1 exit but multiple exits and multiple ways where the alien could look for you and sometimes you would have to hold your breath to hide from the alien .  I don't know if you can have any weapons though .  :-X
  4. UDA
    Quote from: Nazrel on Jun 09, 2014, 09:47:20 PM
    so was that all of the coverage that the game is getting? i really hope there is more

    That game mode doesn't seem like anything spectacular, I was really hoping for some information on the story, or a new trailer. I'm guessing that's all the coverage they'll get though, considering all the Call of Halo: Advanced Battlefield 5's that are being revealed. Hopefully some people can get some footage of the demos, or they'll tell us a bit more about the story.

    I do like the flamethrower though, and the aliens reaction. I'm glad that's in there.
  5. St_Eddie
    It's looking great!

    Truth be told, I was secretly hoping for a game mode set aboard the Nostromo, where you'd play as Ripley during the climax of the first film; having to set the auto-destruct sequence and then making your way to the shuttle before the time runs out (whilst avoiding the alien), only to have a final encounter in the shuttle.  Never mind though, that was a long shot.

    I've very little more to say (other than gushing praise) at this point but I'm British so I'll have a quick moan none the less; about how the air-ducts look too clean for my tastes (more like the ducts in Cameron's 'Aliens', than the ones from Ridley's 'Alien').  Considering that's the only (ridiculously minor and inconsequential) gripe I've got at this point, I'd say this game is looking very promising indeed.
  6. TheBATMAN
    Looks good. Apologies if this has already been answered but have Creative Assembly confirmed whether there are to be resident evil-esque files or audio diaries present to help progress the story?

    I mean if this is free-roaming then theoretically we could go a good 30-40 minutes without even coming across the alien, right? Unless its a series of contained checkpoint areas, which would be disappointing.
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