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AvPGalaxy Gets New Alien Isolation Design

newlayout AvPGalaxy Gets New Alien Isolation DesignWe’ve had the Colonial Marines theme since 2012 and the site seems to get a new theme every few years. With Alien Isolation around the corner, I thought it was about time to update the site with a new design. We’ve always had the three-column layout ever since we launched 13 years ago so this may be a radical departure. I’ve gone for a blog style layout this time which I think looks a lot neater. All the content can still be found via the above dropdown menus. I want the website to get back to focussing on bringing you the best Alien and Predator news out there. There are a few more changes:

  • News posts are excerpt based on the frontpage and feature a specific image. I think the layout looks neater than before and you will only see the news you want to see instead of things you might not be interested in. 
  • There’s a lot of self-loading tabs so you can get to things more quickly.
  • The user profile information is back on the homepage.
  • The poll is back too.
  • The comments system on the news posts has undergone some work. It shows the proper comment count now and it looks a lot more self-contained now. 
  • Guests are now free to comment on news articles like we used to have it.
  • You can also post comments on pages now.

The default forum theme matches the homepage now. The old theme is still there and I’ve set most of our active members to the old theme. You change themes in your profile. Feel free to post any feedback or report any bugs you may find.

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