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H.R Giger Dies Age 74

I have the unfortunate duty to report to you all the death of a very important man. At the age of 74, H.R Giger, the father of the Alien, has died after injuries sustained during a fall:

“Swiss newspaper Tages Anzeiger reports that the news comes from public broadcaster SRF, which said Giger died after sustaining injuries in a fall. He was 74. Giger was born in Chur, Switzerland in 1940, later studying architecture and industrial design at Zurich’s School of Applied Arts.” Source: The Verge.

130514_01 H.R Giger Dies Age 74

I think it is easy to say that without Giger’s designs Alien would have been nowhere near as successful as it has been. His influence on the movie and art community has been far reaching. I would go as far as to say all of us visiting this site have been touched and influenced by him whether we realize it or not. We will all miss him dearly. 

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  1. redalert51
    HRG Is Alien . I first discovered his work on an album cover by Emerson , Lake , Palmer , which was 1973 maybe five ,Man Oh Man it blew me away ! At the moment I am to sadden to say more.
  2. worriors
    So sad to hear this, without his designs I doubt that the alien franchise would have ever taken off. I remember studying his work during art classes at school, and it filled me with dread and wonder. He should be honoured for his brilliant work, Prometheus 2 should be dedicated to him.
  3. OpenMaw
    Any number of things can happen when you fall. If it's any kind of head injury you could have a bleed and die from that, if the fall hit a major organ or artery. I mean, he wasn't exactly in his prime, so injuries of that sort can be much more devastating. I've known/of many 70+ers who died of pneumonia which was usually contracted as a complication of some other thing/sickness.

    Eh... Just such a sad piece of news. I didn't know the man personally, but as with all of us i'm sure we all know he had his influence in our lives. For the more artistically inclined he may have even inspired creations of our own. He cut a swath in the artistic world that nobody else can ever touch quite like he did, and he opened our eyes to the many wondrous possibilities that exist between beauty and horror. I'm very sad we never got to see another one of his wonderful unvarnished creations brought to life. Rest in Peace H.R. Giger...
  4. judge death
    Sorry for asking this but I cant find any info: All reports says he died at a hospital after he fell and injured himself: But what exactly did he die of? Its not like one magically dies from falling xD Did he hurt his head severely or what happened? :/
  5. The1PerfectOrganism
    True, I'm sorry I got unnecessarily hot headed.
    But I don't think that this is rightly the place to insult another artist because of one's passage.
  6. Skylark Duquesne
    Erik Lensherr, young man, don't you use the "f" word here, this is uncalled for. This is the place to commemorate the memory of a great man.

    This is not Ridley Scott's obituary, is it ? A great director whom I admire, incidentally, but I don't think he treats his collaborators fairly. People who are in power rarely do, I guess.

    I wouldn't think of showing disrespect to the dead. I cherish some living persons but I like the dead. I have dead people in my head, they show themselves to me in my dreams and they never talk. The dead don't do that.

    The day Moebius died, I cried. With H.R. Giger gone, I can't help feeling again that another huge part of my youth, of what mattered to me as a teen, has left me never to return. It's a loss, I know the meaning of this word believe me. But the legacy remains.

    Some artists take risks and venture into the darkest places of the mind, the ones where it's dangerous lingering, to bring back visions that haunt you. They pay the price for it : for giving you the opportunity to peer safely into Hell. Picasso said art is the enemy of good taste. Giger certainly demonstrated this, but there was a refinement, a sense of beauty in his work that drew its inspiration from Gaudi, from Francis Bacon, from Charles Rennie MacIntosh or Hector Guimard, which set him apart from so many practitioners of the gratuitously shocking or scatological, or of the demonic genre.

    Giger the rebellious explorer showed me that the territories of death and madness could be beautiful too and I thank him for that. I loved him.

    Now I'll keep mute.
  7. Gates
    Just read this today, very sad...

    He was a modern Goya in spirit -- feared yet revered, disturbing yet erotic...fearless art born of a nightmare haunted mind...

    He is legend...RIP
  8. Razz
    RIP Giger  :-\

    Watching Alien even today still fills me with dread and terror and it is largely because of Giger's designs (The Alien itself and the derelict), will bust out Alien on blu-ray for the weekend for him. Such an artist.  :-\
  9. saintssinphony
    A relative of mine had one of his books and as a child I remember looking at his art and being physically moved by what I saw.  My heart was racing, my hands were shaky and I was sweaty .  I believe it was the first time art touched me and I will never forget that feeling and I'm so thankful to have been able to live in his time. 

    I love looking at his art with my wife and talking about how we see his work and how the images make us feel.  Words fall short in describing H.R. Giger the man and his work.  Truly a special human being.
  10. RagingDragon
    Quote from: Darkness on May 14, 2014, 05:53:25 PM
    Found a quote from Ridley Scott about H.R. Giger's death:

    "I am very saddened to hear of Giger's passing. I think back on how committed and passionate he was, and then consequently, all the security we built up around his 'lock up' studios at Shepperton. I was the only one allowed the honor of going in, and I absolutely enjoyed every hour I spent with him there. He was a real artist and great eccentric, a true original, but above all, he was a really nice man. He will be missed."

    That's very nice from ole Riddlez.
  11. Darkness
    Found a quote from Ridley Scott about H.R. Giger's death:

    "I am very saddened to hear of Giger's passing. I think back on how committed and passionate he was, and then consequently, all the security we built up around his 'lock up' studios at Shepperton. I was the only one allowed the honor of going in, and I absolutely enjoyed every hour I spent with him there. He was a real artist and great eccentric, a true original, but above all, he was a really nice man. He will be missed."
  12. Ulfer
    Sad news...
    I was reading quite absentmindedly news articles on the net, then I told myself, when I found one about him, 'Why a retrospective about Giger now ?'. Then I found out I had not read the begnning and the title of the article, which were about his passing.
    He was an important and influential artist and I deem that even those who are not really receptive to his art and genre cannot say that at least some of his works, amongst which those that appear in his contributions to movies, are not masterpieces (not only in their particular genre, but in general).
  13. Loafer
    Just came here to pay my respects to the great man. Hans Rudolf Giger was an extremely talented visionary. I think he will be remembered as one of the most iconic artists of the 20th century.

    The Alien films introduced me to his work. I now own several of his books and framed lithographs of his beautiful art. He was one of my heroes. No other artworks have touched my soul as deeply as Giger's. I have shed tears today. R.I.P. Hans Rudolf Giger.     
  14. Xenomrph
    I'm pretty stunned here as well. I love his work, his Space Jockey artwork is hands down my favorite thing he's done. He was truly one of a kind - other people have mimicked his style over the years, but only he could truly do what he did.

  15. nostromo mechanic
    Stunned here . . . totally stunned. Earlier today I was admiring his work on a Google image search for the umpteenth time (even though I've already owned Necronomican I & II forever) and I happened to catch this depressing headline. All I could think of was "no, no, no". The man that was absolutely, without doubt THE most important figure in the "Alien" universe has left this place and I'm sad that there will be no more new nightmares for the fans he left behind.
  16. Xenomorphine
    A true visionary of the artistic community, who Hollywood never truly managed to utilise properly - or even with professional respect.

    He may have given nightmares to generations, but here's hoping that whatever awaits in the afterlife is much more peaceful for him than the troubled dreamscapes which informed his work. That he's now in a happier place with Li and others who passed before him...

    We have witnessed the passing of a legend.
  17. PredalienXenomorph
    I heard this first from an XBOX live friend, I checked here to be sure. The mad genius behind the Alien design is gone and strangely enough the world is darker without him. His legacy will live forever, may he rest in peace.
  18. BringbackJonesy!
    Such bad news to hear today.

    Giger's work on the ALIEN movie, such as the 'derelict' craft and it's interiors, along with the 'spacejockey' set and adult alien design were what gave it it's memorably nightmarish feel.  They still remain the highest benchmark for 'otherworldly' production design as far as I'm concerned, and I'll never forget the unsettling vibe of my first big-screen viewing of them.

    Sadly, Ridley's PROMETHEUS was Giger-'lite' when it came to it's overall designs, and I'd really been hoping for a lot more of Giger's actual involvement on the forthcoming follow-up...  Too bad, alas.

    He was a true talent with a unique art style, and I just wish he'd been asked to get involved in a lot more movies during his lifetime.   

  19. StayFrosty

    I was just going to post the other day that H.R. Giger IS GOD. That is because to me, the Alien and the Queen are the most beautiful and intricate animal designs in nature, even if they aren't real. They actually beat real animals that actually exist. The aliens are far more interesting than anything in nature, and I thank H.R. Giger for giving me the Xenomorph for me to obsess over. Without Giger, there would have been no Alien movies.
  20. Mr. Clemens
    I recall him jokingly saying (paraphrased): "My poor mum would always ask me, 'why can't you paint a nice bowl of fruit?'".

    Clear skies, Herr Giger, and thank you for doing things your way.
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