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Alien Novelization Giveaway

Our good friends over at Titan Books have provided AvPGalaxy with 3 copies of the new re-print of Alan Dean Foster’s Alien novelization:

“The crew of the Nostromo, a commercial deep-space mining ship, investigates a mysterious signal. Landing on planet LV-426, they discover a massive extraterrestrial and a nest of strange eggs. They bring back to the ship an Alien which, as it grows, stalks and picks off the crew, one-by-one, until only Ellen Ripley remains.”

03042014_01 Alien Novelization Giveaway

To win a copy you need to be a registered member of AvPGalaxy, have an account on Twitter and answer this following question – In the theatrical release of Alien which of the Nostromo crew was the last to be killed by the Alien before the ship self-destructed?:

  1. Dallas
  2. Parker
  3. Lambert

Think you know the correct one? Then Tweet us your answer on Twitter! The competition closes at 12pm GMT on the 11th of April. Winners will be picked at random from the entries with the correct answer. There are no location restrictions on this competition. The novelization is officially available for purchase 17 April 2014 ($7.19/£6.49).

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Comments: 14
  1. Corporal Hicks
    I haven't had chance to ship these off but I'm gonna do it next week. They're all packaged up with a copy of Aliens Epilogue waiting to go out.

    And Lol Domino! That's a lot of copies! I've only got the Omnibus and this. Didn't know they'd done a swearless edit?
  2. Mr. Domino
    Just saw this new reprint on a shelf at a bookstore the other day, and let me tell you, I felt like an idiot walking up to the counter with it. I already have an original from 79, the "special edition" where they removed all the swearing, the 86 reissue where they changed the logo, and the SFBC hardcover edition, and now I own five - five freaking copies of the same damn book. This mental condition of mine is starting to get dangerous - both to my personal health and that of my shelves.
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