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Alien: Isolation Tease Week Recap

Creative Assembly has been releasing a series of teasers this week in which the studio hints at things that will be happening in the world of Alien: Isolation in the coming months. Below you can find a collection of all the bits revealed this week:

  • Day 1: A few seconds of footage showing the Alien model. Watch it here.
  • Day 2: Teaser posters at Creative Assembly. Check it here.
  • Day 3: Audio teaser featuring 35 seconds of atmospheric music. Listen here.
  • Day 4: “We’ll do the talking, if you do the listening...”. Studio photo here.
  • Day 5: New screenshot from the game.

 Alien: Isolation Tease Week Recap

Day 5

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  1. Engineer
    my theory about the picture of the gift/box corresponds to something happening on may 25th of this year, which is the exact 35th anniversary of Ridely Scott's alien...

    ... Perhaps it's a hint at the release date??
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