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An Audience with Alien: Isolation AvPG Report

On February 12 at the Ray Dolby Theatre in Soho (London), part of the team behind Alien: Isolation stood up before an assembly of fans to give them a behind the scenes look at Creative Assembly’s upcoming game. Our very own Valaquen was part of the public attending this lecture event organized by Develop Online:

Getting discovered is always fatal. The Alien lets out a frightening roar (an original sound which I approve of) and its footfalls turn into a rapid drumming. It’s amazing to see how disorientating the gameplay suddenly becomes in these moments – the camera jerks back and forth as Ripley runs, her panicked breaths become sharper and sharper and the killing blow is instant and decisive. We were treated to a few impalings, with the Alien’s tail bursting through Ripley’s guts. Another kill saw the Alien snake around Ripley’s body and leer in her dying vision.

Be sure to click here for Valaquen’s full report on “An Audience with Alien: Isolation“.

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