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AvPG Previews Alien Isolation

In early February Creative Assembly invited AvPGalaxy down to their studios in Horsham, England to get a hands-on with Alien – Isolation, their upcoming first-person survival horror game. So Dachande and I packed our bags and went down to the studio to get our first look at Sega and Creative Assemble’s next Alien release:

“I barely made it far before I caused too much noise (try not to run!) and I heard the thudding of a massive creature running towards me. I barely had time to turn around and witness the first of several deaths on my playthrough of Alien Isolation. I watched myself fall the floor, my feet knocked out from underneath me as I was dragged to face the Alien. On one occasion I didn’t even get the chance to turn around and face my would-be extra-terrestrial killer, only hear him steamroll towards me from behind.”

As well as the hands-on, we were also given a guided tour around the studios and had the chance to sit down and conduct an interview with Al Hope (Creative Lead) and Jon McKellan (UI Lead). You can find our impressions in the preview we have just uploaded. We have also uploaded the interview we conducted. You can find it as both a written transcript or an audio interview.

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