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Aliens Armageddon Coming To Arcades

It seems there’s another new licensed Aliens game making its way to arcades and it’s called Aliens Armageddon from Play Mechanix and Raw Thrills. The last one we had was 2006’s Aliens Extermination game and it’s sort of similar where you have shoot aliens with a light gun. There’s four chapters and you have to fight your way through a deep-space cargo ship and leave Earth behind. You can view some video footage here: 

There’s two different versions of the machine – a deluxe model with a 55″ HD LCD display and a 42” mounted gun version is also available. Aliens Armageddon also comes with various features including online leaderboards. You can check out the RawThrills page for more information on the arcade game. Thanks to voltz and RidgeTop for the news.

Update 07/02/14: Additional screenshots have been added to the post.

42″ Cabinet 42″ Cabinet

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  1. Origin
    That looks like a helluva lot of fun. Since there's pretty much zero chance of any of the local "arcades" (ie: ticket dispensing bullshit) stocking this, I can't wait until someone dumps the ROM for use in MAME.
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