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Alien – Out of the Shadows Giveaway

Titan Books and AvPGalaxy are teaming up to give three lucky members a copy of Tim Lebbon’s new Alien novel, Out of the Shadows. The first Alien novel to be published in near enough four years, Out of the Shadow’s takes us to the time between Alien and Aliens:

“The massively acclaimed Alien franchise is one of the most successful of all time, beginning with the first film in 1979. In a dramatic twist, this novel will return us to that time, to Ellen Ripley, and to never-before-revealed secrets of the Weyland-Yutani Corporations … secrets that lead into the events of the second film, Aliens… and beyond!”

To win a copy you need to be a registered member of AvPGalaxy, have an account on Twitter and answer this following question – In the Alien/Prometheus films, there is a simple pattern between the names of the android characters. Following that pattern which of the below would be the name for an android character in the next Alien or Prometheus film:

  1. George
  2. Edwin
  3. Franklin

Think you know the correct one? Then Tweet us your answer on Twitter! The competition closes at 12pm GMT on the 30th of January. Winners will be picked at random from the entries with the correct answer. There are no location restrictions on this competition.

Update 30/01/14 – Just a quick reminder to everyone that our competition ends tonight. Get those Tweets in!

Update 31/01/14 – And the competition is closed! Thanks to everyone who entered. The winner will be announced tonight. 

Update 01/02/14 – Ladies and gentlemen, we have our winners! Skylar_Scharrer, WhrsWierzbowski and TheDonMMA. Please get in touch with us to let us know your addresses. For those wondering, the answer was Edwin, the pattern being A, B, C, D and E.

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Comments: 11
  1. swarm87
    answered but some of the names are weird; also there should be a female mixed in there if your following the pattern

    also my twitter handle is the same as the one i post here as
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