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Alien – Out of the Shadows Preview

The good folks over at Titan Books have kindly provided AvPGalaxy with a preview of Tim Lebbon’s Alien – Out of the Shadows, due out Monday the 20th:

“Several warning sirens blasted their individual songs—proximity alert; damage indicator; hull breach. People shouted in panic, confusion, and fear. And behind it all was a deep, rumbling roar from the ship itself. The Marion was in pain, and its vast bulk was grinding itself apart.

Lucy and Cornell, Hoop thought from his position on the floor. But whether they were alive or dead didn’t change anything right now. He was senior officer on the bridge. As scared and shocked as all of them, but he had to take charge.”

Be sure to check out the entire preview. For those interested in purchasing in the book you can find Alien – Out of the Shadow on Amazon (or your respective one). We will also be giving away copies of the novel very soon and keep an eye out for our review!

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