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AvP Miniature Q&A Video

The AvP Miniature Kickstarter has been online for nearly 2 weeks and they have been released more previews to tease their upcoming release. To go along with their previews the guys at Prodos Games have hosted their first video Q&A:

In this they show their prototype clear material for the cloaked Predators, the Praetorian, confirm the Power-Loader amongst other things. Be sure to watch it. They will also be hosting more Q&A sessions over the next few weeks. 

They are also hosting an open day gaming session for all their Kickstarter pledgers – this takes place on Saturday. I’ll be attending so expect an article next week. If you haven’t already, take a look at the Kickstarter page and get pledging

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  1. [cancerblack]
    I'm in at the "Payback Time" level. I reckon I'll spend my open addons and extras on Warriors and sentry guns, mostly. With the free Praetorian goal breached, I'm unsure weather to get two and a Predalien or just the free one and a Queen.
  2. Xenomrph
    I donated at the "Real Aliens Ain't From Mars" level. I think that'll be enough to get me at least one each of all the add-ons I want, without breaking the bank. :)

    Also fun fact: their "concept art" for the Young Blood Predators is actually the campaign ending screen for the Predator campaign in the AvP Evolution mobile game. :P
  3. [cancerblack]
    Quote from: Corporal Hicks on Nov 24, 2013, 09:27:52 AM
    Ive got a bunch of pictures too. Already put some up on my Twitter, will put the rest up later and get a little article done. Im at an Attack Wing tournament today so will be this evening.

    Argh, I'm not on Twitter. Can't wait for your article later though. :)

    As for that terrain, as nice as it is, I can't justify spending money on cardboard terrain ever again... New Zealand is just too damp, and I can't exactly afford well maintained flats.  :-\

  4. [cancerblack]
    If it hits $270k, all backers will be getting a free Praetorian. Also:

    3D rotating video of the Praetorian.

    Open Day pics:

  5. Crazy Rich
    So is this like Axis and Allies? When you have miniatures with cards and you use them as your own team against someone else on a map?

    I collected Axis and Allies (started up a Canadian Army in fact) and Star Wars for a while, but later realized it's better when other people play the stuff too, and eventually lost interest.
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