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Shadowland Retrospective on Alien

American sci-fi and horror magazine Shadowland is currently running a retrospective of the Alien series in their latest issue:

25072013_01 Shadowland Retrospective on Alien

“Shadowland takes a fond look back at the ever-popular Alien franchise, exploring the atmospheric horror of the original, all the way to the camp action of Resurrection.”

Shadowland is a fantastic magazine that has published our Aliens – Infestation review and an article I wrote looking at the Watchmen graphic novel. Be sure to pick it up and let them know what you thought!

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  1. [cancerblack]
    Ah, I'd looked for that on the site, but got the impression it was US/UK only due to wording. You're correct, although after shipping and exchange rates it's $30, which is more than I have to spend on magazines. Even cool ones like this.
  2. DemonicD13
    If you liked this might I also recommend tracking down a copy of Cinescape Presents Movie Aliens (Special Collector's Issue). It covers the first three films as well as their influences and rip-offs, and has a peek at the then yet-to-be released Alien Resurrection. It is a very good read.

    Also If anyone else has some recommendations for good Alien magazine articles I would like to know.
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