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Watch Aliens At Pinewood Studios

You might remember that back in April that Pinewood and Luna Cinema were taking votes to show a film made at Pinewood at their very own on-site cinema. Well the public spoke and they decided on Aliens!

“The most iconic film studios in the country, Pinewood Studios will become the setting to enjoy a screening of the film chosen by the public as “Pinewood’s greatest film ever!”  With a history unsurpassed in British Cinema, Pinewood has been the location for some of the most iconic films with both Carry On and James Bond making it their home.  Our screening will take place in the beautiful gardens of the studios, itself the setting for many exterior scenes in major films. Don’t miss out on our cinematic event of the year!”

It’s not stated on the website but I can say that none other than Trevor Steedman, Private Wierzbowski, will be introducing the film. The showing will take place on the 25th of July. Tickets are £12.50 each. I’ve brought my ticket. What are you guys waiting for?

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