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AvPGalaxy Podcast 10: ACM + AvP Evolution

I have just uploaded the 10th episode of the AvPG podcast for you all! Episode #10 introduces us to fellow AvPG staff members RidgeTop and Dachande.

This episode includes discussion of Aliens: Colonial Marines and AvP: Evolution. It was recorded in March 2013 so these are our impressions at the time. Another episode will follow with our current views after the DLCs and updates.

Please feel free to let us know what you thought of the episode on the forums! Hope you enjoy.

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Comments: 17
  1. Corporal Hicks
    I'm glad you're all enjoying! If anyone has any suggestions, feel free to shout them up!

    Our last episode is with SM for editing. We're recording another one tonight. I've got 2 special guests lined up for another podcasts. Seems to be back on track.  :)
  2. Crazy Rich
    Great listen, I'm not bothered over it being released long after it was recorded, stuff happens.

    I forget who it was who hasn't played the first AvP for PC (Ridge Top or Dachande) but assuming you still haven't, well, you should get on it when you can. Personally it was a great gaming/fan experience for me. It isn't the most "modern" game obviously (released 1999, Gold Edition 2000 for myself) but it was still really fun for me nonetheless. I think you'd enjoy it.
  3. Xenomorphine
    Until you've had to edit an hour or more of audio (not music, but talking), you don't realise just how intensive it can be.

    If any of you want to make it go faster, we'll gladly accept cash donations as an incentive, however. ;D
  4. SM
    Dunno where you get four months from.

    It was recorded in March, but by the time it was edited it was early April, and there was concern that it was out of date as there had been other updates to A:CM.  In the end it was decided to upload it anyway, with another A:CM related pod to follow shortly after.

    We apologise for the delay and the fact we have real lives and responsibilities that don't involve being a whiny waste of space about things you get for free.
  5. BountyHunter
    Fell asleep.

    hahaha  Nothing to do with the show itself, though, guys.   :laugh:  I just decided to listen to it when I was going to bed, and kind of zonked out before the show was done.  What I heard was great though.  Will listen to the rest of it tomorrow.
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