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Rik Barnett for Prometheus Sequel?

According to Prometheus Movie News, they’ve received an anonymous tip that English actor Rik Barnett could be in line for a role in a sequel to Prometheus. He has reportedly met with Ridley Scott several times to discuss his role.

According to the source, Ridley Scott, who is still set to direct Prometheus 2 has apparently met many times with an English actor named Rik Barnett for an undisclosed role in Prometheus 2. The source adds that Rik’s potential role could be connected to Noomi Rapace’s character (Elizabeth Shaw).

Our source adds that until the script is finalized, anything is possible and nothing is final, but they do hint at the strong possibility that Rik Barnett will have some kind of role in Prometheus 2. The fact that Ridley is reportedly personally meeting with this actor on multiple occasions, suggests that his role will not be a minor one and with the hint that his role could relate to Rapace’s Elizabeth Shaw adds further speculation!

But who is Rik Barnett? Well, He is an English actor who won best supporting actor award from Ibiza International Film Festival in 2010, for his work in Rebels Without a Clue. You can learn more about him on his website as well as a history of his works, by visiting his IMDB page.

Take this news as a rumour for now as we’ve heard hardly anything about a potential sequel to Prometheus or whether Ridley Scott would be involved again. Thanks to Chris P and RoaryUK for the news.

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  1. Blacklabel
    Thanks SM, haha but just to add, I'm the one who was contacted and given the info and I can say right now as of this morning, that this news is pretty much confirmed as legitimate. So let the speculation begin. ;)

    Update: Just got word from a second, VERY reliable source, this news is accurate. Not a rumor.

    Cheers guys!

    This "Source" wouldnt happen to know who's actually writing the script, btw?  :P
  2. Bat Chain Puller
    He should play "Adam" ... a human in service to the Engineers. Millions of years old. Maybe the first of them. David will get along splendidly with him.

    Crazy Giger sex triangle with Shaw.

    Xeno-Homo-Synthetic-Engineer-moprhs ensue.
  3. CainsSon
    It was her ORPHANED child, born so premature and sickly that it could only survive on a moon orphanage where it could be administered adavanced space drugs, possibly in her dreams.  What's more the complicated pregnancy and childbirth which ends up being precisely what rendered Shaw unable to have children. DUN DUN!
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