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Aliens: Colonial Marines Reconnaissance Pack

A new DLC release for Aliens: Colonial Marines named Reconnaissance Pack has been revealed today. The new pack, priced at £7.99/€9.99, includes additional MP maps and character customization. More information can be found below:

– Three new Team Deathmatch/Extermination maps including ‘Shipwreck’, a multi-tiered map where environmental awareness is key in getting the drop on your enemy.

– A new Survivor map called ‘Off the Grid’ located around the iconic Derelict ship outside the Weyland-Yutani military base.

– New skins, fatalities and heads for each xeno class allow for additional xeno customisation.

Update: The Reconnaissance Pack will be rolling out on all platforms beginning May 7th (May 8th for PlayStation 3 players in Europe).

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