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AvPGalaxy Reviews Alien vs. Predator: Evolution

Angry Mob Games and Fox Digital Entertainment have released a new mobile game entitled Alien vs. Predator: Evolution for iOS and Android devices today. Unfortunately, Aliens: Colonial Marines failed to meet expectations and left many fans with bitter sweet taste in their mouths. Will this be the case for Alien vs. Predator: Evolution? Read on to find an in-depth review from our very own RidgeTop and check out his verdict on the game.

You play alternating missions as an Alien or Predator; marines are only here for the munching and slicing this time around. The first missions for both species are interesting as you start as a doomed Alien and Predator under siege by the Super Predators. You can put up a good fight, but ultimately, Mr. Black takes you out. As a Predator, you receive the distress call from your defeated clan mate, only to have your ship blasted in orbit by the Super Predators.

Thanks to Fox Digital Entertainment for providing us with a review code. Be sure to let us know your thoughts on Alien vs. Predator: Evolution in our forums.

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