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Aliens Colonial Marines Tops UK Chart

Despite the negative reception, Aliens Colonial Marines has debuted at the top of the UK Charts this week. It also managed the best opening week sales of the year so far beating Dead Space 3. It didn’t, however, outsell 2010’s Alien vs Predator game.

Gearbox’s panned FPS Aliens: Colonial Marines has shot to the top of the UK charts despite its massive critical drubbing.

Aliens: Colonial Marines also enjoyed the best opening-week sales of any game this year so far–beating Dead Space 3, which Aliens: Colonial Marines also shunted into second place in the charts.

But could the sales numbers be down to the fact Aliens: Colonial Marines launched on a Tuesday, whereas Dead Space 3 launched on a Friday?

Colonial Marines didn’t manage to outsell Rebellion’s 2010 take on Aliens vs. Predator, however. Last week one reported former Gearbox employee said the development of Colonial Marines was a “total train wreck.”

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