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QA Tester Talks ACM, Gearbox & Creative Assembly

Continuing the saga that is the truth behind Aliens: Colonial Marines a tester for the game recently posted on Reddit:

“Gearbox didn’t care about the game. They spent the money from ACM on the Borderlands games…When they got the game back, Timegate had done a terrible job. When it came into Sega it was shit basically. Gearbox only cared about fixing “progression blockers” (thinks that stop a player from getting through a level) or crashes.”

The poster also mentioned the Wii U Version is even worse than what’s already been released on other formats.

Oh wow. Yes okay. I was hoping someone would ask this. I have played the WiiU version. The one that is supposedly the best of all of them? It is not. It is the worst. It is a bit of a joke. The WiiU is basically the same game as the console version but with framerate issues, worse texture loading, and horrendously misguided minigames thrown in. You get a ‘scanner’ to scan enemies and get bonus points that aid your harming them. When you cut open doors (which happens a lot in the game) you have a game where you have to keep the heat ‘optimal’. They just add frustration, and take away even more from the fun. We don’t know if it will come out, Sega are conisdering canceling it, but right now its still going.”

Reddit verified the poster’s identity, leading some credibility to the information posted by the tester. He also talked briefly about the upcoming title from Creative Assembly:

“That game looks amazing. Very dark, very slow (in a good way). The textures and lighting look really really good. I’ve seen it running on a PC. The PS4 devkit looks like a computer. It looks as good, if not better, running as any super high end pc. We did not have those controllers, but they look like what was promised.”

The tester has since deleted his account and posts but the conversation was saved and has been reported at other sites.

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