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Aliens – Inhuman Condition Novella

Dark Horse is publishing a new Aliens book, this the first one since Fast Track to Heaven in August 2010:

“On a distant, frozen world, “artificial persons” are manufactured in discreet seclusion. With formidable new security synthetics coming online, how better to test their mettle than against a hive of deadly xenomorphs? But as Socialization Specialist Jean DuPaul sees her ever-more-human android charges sent to their destruction, she learns that the most savage species in the universe is man.”

26012013_01 Aliens - Inhuman Condition Novella

Inhuman Conditions collects the Aliens story written by John Layman, drawn by Sam Kieth and published in Dark Horse Presents #12-17. According to Dark Horse’s website the novella is currently due for release on the 10th of April 2013. Thanks to predxeno for the news.

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  1. PRJ_since1990
    Honestly, I'm all over new stuff, even if it's not actually new material. I guess I'm just a die-hard fan.

    I would love to write my own Aliens/Predator/AvP novel and get it published. Hell, for my Creative Writing class, I came up with an Aliens story I toyed with for a few weeks. It wasn't that good and I reread a portion of it the other day with much dismay but I think I could do it someday.
  2. Jay Thomas
    Cool thx. I didn't love Fast Track to Heaven, but this one looks promising.

    I wonder if we'll ever get more Aliens novels... It would be great to read one with hints of Engineer/Prometheus content.
  3. Jay Thomas
    Awesome! Would really love some new Aliens novels, but this should be cool.

    What is a graphic novella? Just a short graphic novel? Or is it more like the Aliens book Tribes, words with illustrations?
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