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Aliens: Colonial Marines Dark Horse Comic Preview

During this year, a number of fans were able to pick up a copy of an exclusive free Aliens: Colonial Marines Dark Horse comic that was available at some expos and game conventions. Written by Joshua Williamson with art by Patric Reynolds and a cover by Menton Matthews, the comic is a short story about two marines fighting back the Xenomorphs while trying to rescue a comrade. The story also ties-in with the upcoming videogame Aliens: Colonial Marines by Sega and Gearbox Software.

You can click on the image below to preview the comic.

 Aliens: Colonial Marines Dark Horse Comic Preview

Thanks to SSj_Rambo for the images.

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Comments: 12
  1. RagingDragon
    Thanks for the scans, Rambo. God that artwork is fantastic, despite some proportion problems and those... curious expressions :laugh: but I absolutely LOVE the art.

    But that writing... seems to be on-par with just about everything that has to be written these days. For gods sake, just let the autocorrect function write the entire thing. Might turn out better. :D
  2. Xenomorphine
    Damn it, comic writers! Stop relying on spell-check!

    Till: A cash register.

    'Til: A shortened version of 'until'.

    Relatively trivial, I know, but I'm seeing this basic mistake crop up everywhere these days! Editors are paid to realise things like these!
  3. Rambo
    Sorry for the long wait! Holiday travels came up. Here you all are, enjoy!

    And here is everything compiled. Along with much larger images. I didn't do any touchups or anything, so I wouldn't call this a masterpiece, but I scanned everything at 400dpi so the quality should be good enough to read.  ;)
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