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Aliens – Killing Floor Now Released!

Hemi and the team at Wolf Pack Clan have been working hard over the last 2 years to bring us Aliens – Killing Floor.

“What is Killing Floor you say? It is Horde mode survival against waves of baddies. What did we do with the mod you ask? KF is one of the most comprehensive mods to date released for Killing Floor. The aim of this mod was to bring the feel and scope of James Cameron’s Aliens to Killing Floor while in one hand remaining true to the franchise and in the other ensuring that it still retains the feel of Killing Floor.”

You can pick up Killing Floor from Steam for a pretty low price and the mod is absolutely free. The standard Killing Floor is a survival FPS where you’re fighting against hordes of zombies. AFK changes that up to Colonial Marines against Xenomorphs. All you have to do is join the WPC AFK server. You can find out more about the mod on the AFK website. Also feel free to ask Hemi and the WPC any questions in our forums.

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