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‘Discover More’ Prometheus Competition

Fansite is doing another one of their competitions where you can win quite a bit of stuff. One lucky person will get a copy of Prometheus on Bluray, two posters, Aliens Infestation on DS and the Aliens Omnibus comic.

 'Discover More' Prometheus Competition

Go to their competition page, read the instructions and answer the four Prometheus-related questions. The competition closes on November 25th and one winner will be drawn at random. I assume there are no location restrictions.

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  1. szkoki
    QuoteHow long did it take the Prometheus to reach LV_223?
        Name all the crew members that were on the Prometheus
        Name all the androids from Prometheus & the Alien films
        What was your favorite scene from Prometheus?

    how the hell am i supposed to know their names if they were named merenary 1,2, mechanic 2,3...etc

    -.-'  ;D
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