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Prometheus “Black Goo” Infographic

20th Century Fox has released a new infographic viral piece today via their Facebook page. The graphic is designed to inform about the chemical A0-3959x.91 – 15. Aka the black goo in Prometheus. You can click below to see the image in full.

In researching the aftermath of Project Prometheus, Weyland Industries managed to uncover an information manual written by the Engineers concerning a chemical agent found by the Prometheus crew. Linguistic components from the original document translated by a Weyland Industries’ cybernetic individual.

 Prometheus "Black Goo" Infographic

Additionally, more unseen behind-the-scenes images can be found here. You also can watch several new official video previews from the Blu-ray here.

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  1. LarsVader
  2. LarsVader
    Quote from: Valaquen on Oct 24, 2012, 06:30:05 PM
  3. tp3000
    Just saw that last pic was posted on facebook.  I like it.  I have the blu-ray 4-disc collectors set but don't own a player yet.  Which disc is this on and what is it from?  Is it a still or from a deleted scene?
  4. LarsVader
  5. kittychu6
    Quote from: ikarop on Oct 14, 2012, 04:29:19 AM

    i think he is assuming too much when saying its earth being seeded. perhaps the engineer language being similar to very ancient human language is due to engineers being human (according to the dna test in the film, they are) and so were the first technologically advance humans. maybe they themselves were uplifted by another alien species.

    its more likely the planet at the beginning people keep assuming is earth is actually some place else, and that it may not even be the past, but the future. they may not even be creating life on the planet, but wiping out the indigenous life to make way for colonisation.
  6. orchidal
    awesome pics.
    However, i absolutely hate how the sj suit looks in that last shot and every shot I've seen it in.
    I really hope they improve on the design/articulation in P2. The suit IMHO should have had a wetter more organic look to it. It looks like a latex fetish costume, not like something that was once living/presently living (assuming the suit is in fact alive since it has the ability to rot when dismembered). The suit shoulda been bulkier and done in cgi or lubed up -at least giving it a wetter sheen.
  7. LarsVader
  8. LarsVader

    Misc bts shots from the bluray lifted of tumblr (picture heavy!):
  9. ChrisPachi
    Quote from: BANE on Oct 10, 2012, 11:45:26 PM
    Quote from: ChrisPachi on Oct 10, 2012, 12:49:34 PM
    QuoteWith Prometheus, we're still arguing about it months later. And that's what I love about this film: love it or hate it, there's stuff to talk about in this film. There's stuff to debate, and that's what makes it a compelling experience.
    People are arguing about the quality of the film, not about the ideas (cough) that are in the film.
    The ones that can remove their heads from their asses and have an interest are.

    The argument is about the quality of the film. Not so sure that is something to love about it.

    But whatever... cool props and all! ;)
  10. RagingDragon
    Quote from: LarsVader on Oct 11, 2012, 08:28:45 PM
    Man, what is that???  Looks like a true Giger deacon.  Would've loved to have seen that in the film.
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