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Behind-the-scenes of Prometheus Clip

A new behind-the-scenes clip from the Prometheus Blu-ray has been now officially released via This clip briefly shows how the CGI in Prometheus was done, including the Deacon, Trilobite and more. Definitely worth a view if you are interested in what goes into making a film. Click on the image to see the video.

 Behind-the-scenes of Prometheus Clip

Additionally, another production still can be found here.

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  1. Highland
    Speaking of which, so only the collector's edition has the documentary and enhancement pods? Reg. Blu-ray doesn't include this? Or does it?

    Everyone interested in the extra's would be best off buying the bigger edition. The regular has bare bones. The 3D movie comes on a separate disk. The regular only includes the net promo's, deleted scenes and commentary. No docs.

    Detailed reviews and listings found here....
  2. MrSpaceJockey
    Yes. Darkness in his review states that he does not have a 3D television, but he got to review all the behind the scenes footage. The 3D disc is separate from everything else, which are normal blu-ray discs.
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