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Prometheus Second Screen App Trailer

20th Century Fox has revealed a new trailer for the upcoming second screen app that will be released to accompany the Prometheus Blu-ray. This mobile app gives you the chance to access a collection of behind-the-scenes material directly from your smartphone or tablet. Click below to watch the trailer and see a few preview images of the app.

A4PgqCqCMAAwUPs.jpg large
A4Pg33dCAAARNbs.jpg large

Additionally you can see a new official still showing the Engineer here.

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  1. Pvt. Himmel
    FOX has updated their prometheus facebook page with a deleted scene pic..
    It shows the engineer kneeling down reading a book apparently this was clipped out of the final battle scene..
    This deleted scene does not appear on ANY of the blu ray sets coming out on 10/9...
    So there is some hope that an extended cut is in the cards at some point...
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