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Remembering Alien Research Project

Several members from different universities in the UK have launched an international study today about people’s memories of Ridley Scott’s Alien. What is it that different people most remember and value about this film? Answering this lingering question is the main objective behind the “Remembering Alien” project.

We are asking people to go to to take part in a brief questionnaire, designed to let people share with us their recollections of a fantastic piece of film history. We’re interested in hearing from anyone who has ever seen the film – whether or not they enjoyed it – including those who would have seen the film during its release into theatres” Said Thomas Phillips representative of the study.

Make sure to visit their official website here if you are interested in helping with the study. You can also follow them on Twitter to keep up to date with the project.

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  1. ShadowPred
    I don't want to think about Alien.

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  2. WinterActual
    The survey looks great but I'll pass :S I don't want to think about Alien. I watched it for the first time when I was a kid and this had a huge impact on me back then. First of all this movie made me afraid of the dark. I was not able to sleep with the lights off. Even now I sleep with the TV on, no matter that the lights are off. I am not afraid of the alien anymore but I am not feeling safe to sleep in full darkness. Also that night when I watched the movie I thought I will vomit but it never happened. I was thinking that something was growing inside me like in the movie. The good thing was that this feeling went out before the next morning. The alien become my worst nightmare back then. And the movie as whole too. When I saw the scene with Ash going on killing spree I was like hoooly shit what if my parents are robots like that? What I am gonna do now? I was 4 or 5 years old when I watched the movie so this will explain to you my reactions and why the movie had such impact on me. After that I had a few opportunities to watch Aliens and Alien 3 but I never did it. I was too afraid of "the monster". I think I watched them + A:R when I was 11 and I loved those movies. I loved the franchise. A few months ago my mom called me and asked me what I watched last night and stuff like that and when I told her that I watched Aliens just because I love it she was like "wait? I thought you hated those movies, they were your worst nightmare." and I was like nah they are great now  :laugh: I've watched Aliens and A:R hundreds of times, damn I watch Aliens every week if not every couple of days. The same goes for A:R. Even I've watched A3 30 times maybe or something around that. BUT I'll never watch Alien like I watch the rest of the series. I watched Alien, 4 or 5 times at all. Some of them not even 'till the end. I guess I will never go back to Alien and I will never accept it like the rest of the movies. I am not afraid of the xenos anymore but I can't stand Alien. The movie is great and its something special, really, but it was a mistake to watch it so early in my childhood.
  3. whiterabbit

    One of the things that makes alien important to me is that it was the first movie I really thought about. As in what was happening. A eureka moment when you realized it was pretty damn disturbing to think about.  :laugh:
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