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Prometheus “Paradise” Scene Preview forum user CRS who previous posted several preview images from the Prometheus Bluray menu, has now kindly provided us with an exclusive description of the alternate scene for Prometheus called “Paradise”. This scene will be featured in the upcoming Blu-ray release of the film and lasts for 5:20 minutes. Read below to find CRS comments on the scene:

This extended scene reveals new information about the engineer homeworld as well as some alternate dialogue between Shaw and David. Note that one of Ridley Scott’s original titles for the film was Paradise and it was even maintained as a cover title for secrecy during production.

It’s basically Shaw and David talking while she gets back on her feet and heads to the Juggernaut and David (his head on the ground). The dialogue alternates/extends somewhat from the film. The scene ends with Shaw putting David’s head in a bag and leaving the Juggernaut

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