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More Prometheus Prop & Concept Art Images

New prop and concept art material from Prometheus have been released online. These images show the severed Engineer head and helmet, the hammerpede, the deacon, unused creature and vehicle designs and more. Make sure to click below to see all the images.

 More Prometheus Prop & Concept Art Images

Thanks to wmmvrrvrrmm for the scans.

375893_10151139945788844_1845274004_n 375893_10151139945788844_1845274004_n
375960_10151139945743844_1854411742_n 375960_10151139945743844_1854411742_n
429926_10151139945763844_513563573_n 429926_10151139945763844_513563573_n
523224_10151139943238844_443787823_n 523224_10151139943238844_443787823_n
539204_10151139945658844_1455553467_n 539204_10151139945658844_1455553467_n
549521_10151139945883844_934370684_n 549521_10151139945883844_934370684_n
549703_10151139945698844_1819191471_n 549703_10151139945698844_1819191471_n
554782_10151139945908844_1852687596_n 554782_10151139945908844_1852687596_n
AyB-ecdCQAA4Vng AyB-ecdCQAA4Vng

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