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  1. Sabres21768
  2. delsaber8
    Here's the pic.

    I love how the packaged the "proboscis" you get a REALLY good look at it.
    Parents are going to love that. :D
    Exactly what my action figure collection display is missing, a rape scene, guess that's no longer an issue.
  3. Nightmare Asylum
    Huh, never even noticed it only had seven tentacles. Guess, if one were to compare it to the traditional facehugger, six serve the purpose of the Facehugger's eight digits, while the extra tentacle is more akin to the tail.
  4. Sabres21768
    extra tentacles included?  ???

    The Trilo has 7 legs...4 are attached in the package, the other 3 are separate and will need to be attached.

    Thanks for clarification.

    7 legs? odd number...

    Yep, just 7 legs...
  5. LarsVader
    Can he play one them funky looking flute things?
    No, but he does play a mean saxophone.

    And in addition he can smash in everyones head with his oscar.
  6. Vickers

    call me crazy, but...

    Why weren't we created with an ear for musical composition then? :'(
  7. LarsVader

    call me crazy, but...
  8. Sabres21768
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