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Alien vs Predator Q&A with Angry Mob Games

We are happy to announce that we will be doing a Q&A with Angry Mob Games very soon about the recently announced videogame Alien vs Predator for iOS and Android. As usual, we are giving you the opportunity to get involved and submit your own questions for the interview. Angry Mob Games has expressed its desire to hear from fans in order to make a even greater game, consequently the studio is still hard at work on the title and hence some aspects can not be answered yet.

 Alien vs Predator Q&A with Angry Mob Games

You have until Tuesday, August 21st to send us your questions via this thread. A selection of the best and most commonly asked questions will be submitted to be answered shortly after that date.

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  1. genozide
    Like asked before also interested in how many species the Single Player campaign will have. Only Aliens and Predators or also Marine? I really hope it will also have marine campaign because 3 (4 in avp2 PC) species different from eachother with a distinguished storyline is one of the many things i love about AvP.  :P

    How long will one campaign take to play (hopefully as long as possible)?
    Will there be limitations on weapons or health between difficulties or how would Easy vs Hard be different(which assumably will be on the game)?
    What are Angry Mob Games thoughts about making such a game?
    If some form of multiplayer will there be gamemodes like co-op, team death match, hunt or survivor?
    What are the biggest challenges in making of the game?
    Will the 3D camera properly show targets around you without making it confusing to focus on them, diablo 3 like or tilting/turning the mobile device?
    How large will the game be in size?
    What resolution?
    Which requirements?
    Will the user be able to customise anything in the game?
    How many killmoves will the alien and predator have?
    What abilities other than the weapons (healing, interaction etc)?
    Will there be any expansions or additions to this game?
    What kind of environments or terrain in the story?
    Will there be any kind of achievements, upgrades or rewards through the campaigns?

    A BIG thank you for making this game and looking very much forward to it.  ;D
  2. Xenomorphine
    Quote from: Wernest on Aug 17, 2012, 12:02:00 PM
    If you wanted, could you use creatures from Prometheus as enemies (hammerpede, engineer)? Or you would have to get a special Prometheus license to do that.

    If it's anything like the comics situation, yes, they would.

    I'm genuinely mystified at why anyone would even want to, though...

    Quote from: Ash 937 on Aug 18, 2012, 02:56:09 AM
    Will you be able to play as female predators?

    The proverbial 'Bible' the comic writers had was that if you were close enough to a Predator to figure out if they were male or female, then you were already dead.

    Long may this continue... Most species (especially with those equipped with jaws which look like they're designed for shredding flesh) don't differentiate between genders by breasts. For all we know, every single Predator we've ever seen in the films were female - or were even hermaphrodite.

    QuoteIs the storyline considered canon?

  3. R-850-A
    Question: Will this game be that the last AvP wasn´t? Because I didn´t like the ausence of the APC vehicle for example, and Im seing that the carrier will be in this game and that´s what I liked from the 2001 AvP 2, and it looks great, then and now. Others things that rebellion tough that didn´t put in their game was that little but important things, at least in the marine campaign and the other ones, like the welding torch, the original hacking device, a correctly upgrade for the pulse rifle, the APC of course, besides that the colony sethings looked well as the design for the dropship. What I liked from the first AvP for PC was the inclusion of the elements of both Alien and Predator movies. Other things that I think that rebellion did TOO wrong, is that they didn´t match the ambience that I liked from the AvP pc games and the comics, actually since I read the comic I can´t see a relief without thinking on that, specially in daylight, and that option looks great in the AvP 2010 game, but things like the short time spending all the campaigns, and the absence of exploration like the AvP 2 2001 game don´t let the game shine as its predecessors. That is why Im practically scratching the walls for the upcoming Aliens colonial marines.
  4. Sexy Poot
    Was any inspiration taken from the AvP movies or just the original films?

    Did u look to any previous AvP games for inspiration?

    Which movie is ur favorite of the entire franchise of films?
  5. Terx2
    What attacks can the alien perform?
    What predator weapons are there gonna be in it?
    Will it have a wave attack mode?
    Will there be acid damage from dead xenos?
    What type of enemies will the player face?

    Thats all I want to know :)
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