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  1. LarsVader
    Where the heck now is this image from?

    Got it:

    If someone wants to take a closer look:

    And another one:
  2. Nightmare Asylum
    I agree with Alienseseses. While I wouldn't mind seeing the extended version as a deleted scene, I think I would prefer the more ambiguous, personal version used in the theatrical version. Like the Shaw vs Engineer fight from the end, I hope that the smaller version is what goes into the Director's Cut.
  3. Alienseseses
    I dunno. I think that less is more in this situation. He really felt isolated, left alone, looking at his departing ship. Make it a ceremony, and... I don't know. It seems too obvious. It would have cleared up some things, but at the same time, I'm ok with there being specuation. I prefer the mystery. One guy does it alone, you wonder what it's about, who the others are who fy away in the ship, etc. Otherwise, it's "Aliens made life on Earth- specifically, that group of dudes."
  4. Jenga
    Did anyone notice that the sculpture of the decapitated head shows signs of infection? It looks like he is suffering a similar mutation to Fifield. The plot thickens! (or rather thins out a little bit)
  5. Xenomorphine
    Wow, and all this time I thought the Engineer at the water fall was CGI.  Screw all the trolls who think Peter Weyland makeup is bad.  People need to Google old people over 100yrs old.  Too bad, I was hoping for the Elder to look something similar to the concept that see saw.  I am no longer that interested to seeing the longer opening scene if that's the Elder.

    Why the need to provoke and attack?

    Do you like to bitch, nit pick about every single thing about the movie?  I'm also disappointed about the movie but you don't see me acting like some sort of "mister know it all" like you.  You have to come in to every single thread and start your stupid broken record with your negativity.  Guys like you gets on peoples nerves and anyone is to blame but yourself with your arrogance.

    Interesting example of passive-aggressive behaviour. All NGR01 did was ask you to leave out the unprovoked attacks and you responded by... Attacking.

    Please refrain from doing this again with fellow forum members.
  6. Symn
    That's lame. I thought they were all almost the same, like identical twins. And that they didnt age. All near-immortal, self-made Gods. But nooooooo... stupid priest.
  7. MrSpaceJockey
    Interesting parallels with the head rubbing.

    I'm not sure if I want to see this scene...I liked the theatrical version so much, but who knows, I might like the longer version even better. They must have filmed it. I remember an older "leaked trailer" description, with a waterfall, and 2 cloaked figures...
  8. zakzak
    I think it is a good decision to maintain air of mystery with the White Beings/Space Jockeys by not explaining them too much. In case of PROMETHEUS, the film does what others have failed: show instead of tell. Too many films suffer from over exposition, and sometimes you can hear the audience groan and complains. With the wordless, beguiling, awe-inspiring introduction of the White Beings, audience is more willing to immerse themselves in the story. Having said that, the proposed scene where the Elder blesses the Younger Engineer should be included. It will pay off near the end where one of the Engineers ruffles David's hair as if to bless him....before he rips his head off.
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