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  1. Narcissus
    I too had recalled hearing that David would have his head and shoulder area separated from his body (presumed by battling an Engineer). 

    Hoping that this isn't the end---but it seems to be about a close as you can get to a climatic ending as I can imagine after the Juggernaut crashes in a million pieces planet side. We have also heard that Shaw and Vickers would be the sole survivors.

    The turn of events are still a bit shaky in my head--so I can wait until "Prometheus" opens to disseminate it further myself.
  2. RoaryUK
    ^^  You're right of course, this is quite old in terms of what we know now, the scene does read rather awkwardly but, then again, the picture below clearly shows David is indeed decapitated on the Juggernaught, so does this give the call sheet 'some' validity.... perhaps....  :)
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