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Official Prometheus Website Updated

The official Prometheus website has been updated today with two new sections, press and careers. The press section features several new photos and information on the Prometheus ship and David. The careers section includes a mini-game where Weyland investors have to enter an specific sequence using the ‘Modular Computing Device’ in order to unlock more content. The website isn’t working properly at the moment and the message below shows up when part of the page fails to load:

“Congratulations, applicants. Together, you have exhibited exceptional collaborative aptitude. You have now been granted access to the next step in the application process. Visit tomorrow morning to begin testing.”

Additionally, there is a mention to Internet Explorer and upcoming materials in the Press section:

The partnership will utilize Internet Explorer technology to fuel Weyland Corporation websites and applications. The first Weyland solution utilizing Internet Explorer technology will be unveiled on Wednesday. The Weyland Careers Training Center will provide prospective candidates for Project Prometheus evaluation as well as streamlining the application process for those that hope to be a member of this historical project.

Finally, there is a new low quality screencap from a recent TV spot. You can see it here.

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