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Prometheus: The Crew

Fox has released a new article, this time focusing around the characters of Prometheus. It includes comments from the cast as well as the director. You can read the full interview here or after the jump.

The film’s central metaphor is about the Greek Titan Prometheus, who defies the gods by giving humans the gift of fire, for which he is horribly punished” “When you talk about the myth on which the title is based, you’re dealing with humankind’s relationship with the gods – the beings who created us – and what happens when we defy them.”

Stay tuned for an exclusive Prometheus trailer coming tonight on Channel 4 UK. Live streams & more information on this can be found on the forums.

Thanks to seeasea for the link.

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  1. NGR01
    Nice find, thanks.

    Vickers is someone the audience will love to hate, but there are moments when we see her vulnerability and begin to understand how and why she became so mercenary and hardened. This makes her a much more interesting counterpoint to Shaw.”  Says Theron.  “Vickers is pragmatic, and desperately wants to control the situation.  She fights everything that everyone else is there to do, and it becomes evident that she has either an alternative agenda or that she is hiding something.”

    In one early interview of Theron she said a character is she said her character was a kind of rich heiress as well as a company representative. The secret agenda, the secret use of massive power in a part of the Prometheus makes me think that she's the one related to the presence of Peter Weyland on board.
    His daughter, artificial or real.
    Hence her attitude toward David.

    Additionally, David’s views on the human crew are somewhat child-like.  He is jealous and arrogant because he realizes that his knowledge is all-encompassing and therefore he is superior to the humans.  David wants to be acknowledged and praised for his brilliance, yet nobody gives him the time of day,” shares Fassbender.

    Huh ho this do sound like our David's gonna be very very naughty...
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