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Prometheus: Creating David 8

Fox has released yet another article about Prometheus, this time focusing on Michael Fassbenders character, David 8. In this article Ridley Scott, Michael Fassbender and others talk about the inspiration for the character as well as other aspects. Ridley Scott throws an interesting comparison between David and Ash from Alien in there. You can read the article here or after the cut.

There’s a bit of Rutger Hauer and a bit of Ian Holm, but this is a very different spin, too. He [David] is very smart and sophisticated, but also very young and if the beings they find are beyond good and evil, he may not fully understand good and evil. He’s working his way through it in terms of his own consciousness and deciding whether he has an agenda or not.

Thanks to seeasea for the link.

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  1. Byohzrd
    We've been taking references from David Bowie and Peter O'Toole in LAWRENCE OF ARABIA.

    This part especially interests me, David Bowie, to me always felt like he'd be a perfect android in the Alien universe. Glad to see that Fassbender is taking note of him.  ;D
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