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PAX East Gearbox Software Panel Report

Today, it was Aliens Colonial Marines’s turn in Manticore Theatre. Hosting a panel at PAX East, Gearbox revealed some new bits about Sega’s upcoming Aliens videogame to attenders including a brand new trailer! On the panel was forum member Tonks who has, yet again, provided us with a detailed report on the event. Make sure to read his impressions here.

“The smart gunner from yesterday (Sean Maio) was on-hand and was introduced. He talked about his costume and how he built it on his own. Gearbox met him at one of the other events and they were so impressed that they asked him to come out to the Gearbox studio and do motion cap with them! They were so grateful that they created him in-game and digitized his face.”

For more PAX East 2012 coverage, please check out this thread on the forums. Thanks to Tonks for his amazing dedication and generous time to the coverage of the expo as well as Sega and Gearbox for their assistance.

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