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Aliens: Colonial Marines PAX East Report #2

Another day, and another fantastic write up from forum member Tonks. Below you can find his impressions on the second day of PAX East where portions of Aliens: Colonial Marines’ single player and multiplayer are being shown to attenders. Many of the questions asked on the forums have been answered in this article as well. Click here to read the full thing.

I noticed a lot more easter eggs this time around: in the mess hall, there were plastic trays on the tables that looked just like the ones in aliens, also in the cryotube chamber, you see a control panel that says something like, “Hicks, Dwayne – stasis interrupted”, little stuff like that really made it feel like you were aboard the Sulaco.

Be sure to check back here later today for Tonks’ report on Gearbox’s PAX East panel which will be taking place at 4:30 PM in Manticore Theatre. A very special thanks to Tonks for his time and amazing coverage of the expo as well as Sega and Gearbox for all their help.

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  1. Husky
    just waiting to revive my poor phone so I can get the images to Ikarop... but yeah, the panel was great today. Lots of fun.

    In terms of friendly fire - It didn't look like my bullets did any damage to fellow marines. I don't know about grenades, though. That being said, a detail like that could change between now and the final product.
  2. Husky
    Quote from: 9th_Stew on Apr 08, 2012, 09:09:22 AM
    I just hope theres a MP map u can play on which is Hadleys hope before the explosion - that would be so awesome :D

    The MP map that was available was a HH-inspired map. It wasn't an exact replica/layout of any one part of HH, but it looked like it had been ripped directly from the movie. I caught myself checking out the details in the middle of the match and being impressed.

    Quote from: Predator890 on Apr 08, 2012, 12:39:11 PM
    I didn't get to go into the booth, were they giving away the shirts and jackets for free?

    the hoodies and tee shirts were being worn by GBX and Sega employees and weren't being given out to the public. They were handing out the bandannas to people as they left right after they played the multiplayer portion of the booth.

    ps - I noticed the "dodge" move too. I saw a side-step/side-hop type move.  It surprised me at first, because the xeno was there in my sights and then a second later had dodged my shots and was ripping me to shreds!

    Prior to picking up the controller, GBX was quick to point out that just because the dots on the motion tracker disappeared, it didn't necessarily mean that the xenos were gone or had died... but rather that they could just be standing still and hiding :)
  3. Corporal Hicks
    Very very impressed with these reports. Nicely organized, Husky, Ikarop. Well written and very informative. I'm getting increasingly stocked for the remainder of 2012.

    Just gonna make sure these are added to the article section of the website too.
  4. Predator890
    Quote from: ikarop on Apr 07, 2012, 03:54:04 PM
    Day 2 of PAX. Aka more pics from Tonks: "A:CM line is insane! Lots of good feedback overheard"

    "These glow in the dark!"

    From GBX:
    I didn't get to go into the booth, were they giving away the shirts and jackets for free?
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